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Family Tree

Written on Juli 16th, 2014 by Niels2 shouts

During last Kscope, I have presented a tiny app to maintain and graphically present family trees. I have built this app in my private time and used it to get an overview of wife’s (huge) family. At Kscope, I promised to go public with a packaged version of this app and, well, here it is!

Family Tree Homepage
(don’t let the German page confuse you, the app has a 100% English UI & data model) :)

If you are an end user, just import the app in your APEX instance and start using it.

Here some notes for APEX developers…

I put some effort in the app to get most of our best practises for APEX development in place. So if you are an APEX developer, I encourage you to have a look under the covers.

When talking about highlights that are non-standard in APEX 4.2.5, there are few in there to mention. For instance, the graphical presentation is done solely by using CSS. It is really amazing these days what you can do with so little CSS in place (thx to Christian Rokitta for pointing me to the right direction)! Also, all photos in the tree are cached by the browser. Although it is not yet a standard feature of APEX, it was really easy to implement this (thx Joel for your advice in this matter).

Let me know what you think of this app, but more important, have fun with it!

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