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Kostenlose DOAG APEX UserGroup Düsseldorf Veranstaltung am 29.04 ab 17:00.

Written on April 28th, 2014 by Nielsno shouts

Morgen ab 17:00 findet wieder die APEX UserGroup Düsseldorf bei der MT AG in Ratingen statt.

Wir haben drei spannende Vorträge für euch vorbereitet:

1. Automatic for the People – End to end automatic testing of your APEX application – Roel Hartman (
2. Geodaten, Karten und APEX für alle – mit Oracle-Technologie – Carsten Czarski (Oracle Deutschland B.V. & Co. KG)
3. Deployment von Datenbank-Objekten – Peter Busch (MT AG)

Wie immer, sind auch diesmal belegte Brötchen und Getränke vorhanden.

Die Anmeldung für diese kostenlose Veranstaltung erfolgt über die DOAG:

Wer nicht nach Ratingen kommen kann, kann über eine Webkonferenz dennoch teilnehmen:

Deutschland: +49 811 8899 6930
Zugangscode: 542-902-645
Audio-PIN: Wird angezeigt, sobald Sie sich im Meeting befinden

Bis dann?

Niels & Oliver

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Updated: Single Sign-On for APEX applications using Kerberos.

Written on April 14th, 2014 by Niels2 shouts

I have updated my document about Single Sign-On for APEX applications using Kerberos to reflect the latest experiences I made at customer site. Enjoy:

Single Sign-On for APEX applications using Kerberos

If you are looking for the German version, please click here:

Single Sign-On für APEX Anwendungen mit Kerberos

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Enhanced data-entry form in APEX 4.2.x with many Excel features

Written on April 9th, 2014 by Niels2 shouts


While we are all getting very excited about APEX 5.1 offering a new kind of tabular form, we don’t have to wait for this release to get a more powerful data-entry form in place. Just have a look at this demo APEX application, crafted for usage on desktop PCs:

We have provided a solution for a customer that searched for a (web)replacement of their Excel Spreadsheet. This Excel Spreadsheet covered about 200 parameters that were entered and loaded into the Oracle Database on a monthly basis. The new approach was to let them enter this information directly in the Oracle Database through an APEX application, thereby only displaying the parameters relevant to the user.

There were some nifty features incorporated to enhance the user experience during data entry:

- First column stays displayed, even if you scroll horizontally
- Header information stays displayed, even if you scroll vertically
- The header is partly display vertically, partly horizontally
- You can use the cursor keys to navigate through the cells
- You can enter numbers in a number field, but not alphanumeric
- In certain columns, a list of values is displayed upon entering, that can still be overridden
- You can use the “tab” key to work your way through the form
- By clicking on the checkbox “Optionale Parameter anzeigen” more columns are displayed without having to reload the page
- Numeric values are checked client-sided to see if they are in a valid range (if not, the value appears in red)
- The user gets notified when there are any unsaved changes in the form

After having saved the data, the customer wanted to produce the exact same native Excel Spreadsheet again. This was achieved by utilizing the product Spreadsheet Publisher of our buddy Dietmar Aust. Have a look here if you want to try out Spreadsheet Publisher:

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