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APEX vs. Java vs. ADF.

Written on Juli 12th, 2013 by Niels9 shouts

When it comes to building data-centric web applications where the data resides in the Oracle Database, there is nothing better then Oracle Application Express (APEX). Everybody knows this, right? Well, there are still some people in the world thinking otherwise. Let me tell them about a comparison we did the other day for one of our clients. In this case, we made a calculation of effort when using either APEX, Java or ADF as technology to implement such an app with. I can assure you that all the people that were involved along the way were highly specialized and recognized as leaders in the market for the corresponding technology.

Here is the outcome:

1. APEX: 380 days
2. ADF: 490 days
3. Java: 590 days

So in this case, the requirements could be implemented much cheaper by using APEX. There maybe use cases where ADF or Java will be faster, but in most cases when it comes to building individual web apps with data residing in the Oracle Database, APEX is your best bet.

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