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10 welcomed features for APEX 5.0

Written on September 14th, 2010 by Niels2 shouts

After my experiences with previous APEX projects, I decided to make a list of wishes for the next release. Please feel free to tell me what you think about these.

1. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use the assistent to add multiple forms and reports of the same kind on a single page? Today, you have to navigate between the pages where each page contains one report or form. However, this isn’t always accepted by customers due to usability reasons.

2. Deleting a row in a tabular form should not lead to a page refresh, because then all other items on the page that were modified by the user aren’t saved.

3. Why is there only one template “zero”? People want to use multiple “zero” templates containing APEX components that are rendered on certain pages.

4. For each page or component (ie. item), only one “Authorization Scheme” can be assigned using the APEX interface. Providing a “shuttle” item which enables us to assign multiple authorization schemes would be a great help. J

5. There should be a demo application built-in that automatically displays a navigation tree on the left side that remembers its state and that displays each region as a portlet which you can drag and drop (and remembers its position) on the right side. This theme should work with “divs” instead of “tables” and should render the items much closer together so that more items will fit on the page without scrolling.

6. Let’s say my column type in the database is number(6,4), I expect a clientside validation for it after generating the form using the assistent. Nowadays, we have to manually add this validation.

7. Available in Access by default and missing in APEX as a plugin today: editable selectlist, tristate checkbox, multiple column select list

8. Why can’t we integrate updateable “data grids” of Websheets in our normal APEX applications? The same applies to the fantastic (!) CSV import feature within the APEX Builder: we need to integrate this functionality in our APEX applications, ideally by using an API or assistant.

9. Team Development has limited functionality and can’t be customized. The same applies to Websheets. In my understanding, both are APEX applications which should be provided as open source which can be installed optionally just like plugins, having their data model in the workspace database schema.

10. To make the Team Development application more usable it should incorporate a burn-down graph. Without it, APEX project managers tend to stick with their Excel sheets.

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